Dark Souls is too easy, let’s play with only shields

Wow it’s been a while.

Following the success of my newest Dark Souls PvP build, I decided to try something along the same lines:  How far can you get in this game using only shields?

The rules are simple:  No weapons, no damaging spells (I’m allowing myself buffs [assuming they can be applied to a shield, I haven’t tried yet] and heals, if needed), no damage-dealing consumables (ie. no firebombs, however pine resins will be allowed), and no co-op.  Just a man and his shield(s).  And, I’m assuming many deaths.

Any amount of grinding necessary will also be allowed, as will abusing Ceaseless Discharge’s jump to his own doom and similar programmed events.  I won’t be abusing glitches such as the bottomless box or infinite souls; this will be a legit run as far as I’m concerned.  Or rather a very slow trudge.  There will be nothing runny about it, except the floor which will be coated in my blood.

To start things off, I’ve selected the Knight class, purely because it has the strongest-damage starting shield, and also some reasonable Vitality, and is only 1 Dexterity away from using the Spiked Shield that my PvP character fights with.  Let’s see how this goes…

I’m preemptively calling right now that Sif will be trouble.  I tried to fight him earlier while I was getting summoned for PvP, and hitting his legs with a shield is incredibly awkward.  Nito is also going to be interesting.


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