Dark Souls Shields-Only Run – The Hunt For The Lords Begins

Another day of preparing for one of the more dangerous boss battles stood in my way.  I left the interior Anor Londo bonfire and sprinted for the main doors, my only purpose in the area being to gain access to the blacksmith there.  I purchased a full set of Giant Armor and all the upgrade materials I needed for both weapons and armor, and left back through Sen’s Fortress.  The destination?  The Catacombs.

I turned one of my two hollow soldier shields into a divine weapon, and headed into the skeleton-infested area.  After progressing through and clearing out the bonewheel skeletons on the lower floor, I climbed back up and dropped in to find the last blacksmith in order to reinforce my spider shield with fire – a shield I fully intend to use against Gwyn for its full physical defense and strong fire defense.  At Soul Level 57, I then went after Pinwheel in order to kindle the Anor Londo bonfire fully for the battle with Smough and Ornstein.  Usually a pushover, he was actually kind of a threat this time with me having such low damage output.  He constantly flooded the battlefield with duplicates that I needed to focus on from time to time before they got out of hand.

After Pinwheel fell, I did one last bit of preparation.  I went and claimed the Dark Wood Grain ring, as with only the Ring of Favor and Protection equipped, I was close to pushing my equip burden below 50%, and ultimately finished off what levels I needed for that, pushing myself up to Soul Level 63.

I returned to Anor Londo, kindled the bonfire all the way for 20 flasks, and went after Smough and Ornstein.  The battle definitely went quicker than expected, helped no doubt by the fire reinforced spider shield, which dealt more damage than the two hollow soldier shields I had.  I used the first moments to test what I could block, and then focused on Ornstein, because Smough second is less of a threat than Ornstein second.  I got a little aggressive against Smough when he was finally alone, and began to take damage more regularly as I tried to get in as many hits as I could.

In less than half the time as either the Gaping Dragon or Quelaag, they both fell, and I was able to claim the Lordvessel.  I used it to return to the Firelink Shrine, and then headed to Blighttown to pick up one of the Firekeeper souls, and then toward the next place I could find Kirk.  I wanted his spiked shield.

Also, I’ve decided to amend the restrictions placed on this run:  No spells of any kind and no covenants are being used.


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