Dark Souls Shields-Only Run – The Search For The Spiked Shield

The second encounter with Kirk led to disappointing results.  He refused to make things easy, and we ultimately just lashed out at each other with neither of us blocking until somebody fell.  He lost, and kept his shield to himself once more.  I then pressed on further into the Demon Ruins toward Lost Izalith, to meet up with him again.

I learned more about the boss behavior in this area this time around, getting to spend more time with them than usual.  I pinned the Demon Firesage in a corner, realizing that if pressed against him, he only stands there and attacks in one of his various ways, or jumps backwards, allowing you to keep him stuck there in the corner while you have the rest of the room to run around in and avoid the explosions he causes.

After the Firesage fell, I pressed ever forward, passing up kindling the next bonfire, thinking, incorrectly, that I had one more to pass before the Centipede Demon – the one I thought before him was actually the one after, whoops.  I came in at almost half flasks, 12 of my 20, as I had kindled the bonfire before the Firesage.  I used practically all of them, and even a couple humanity, while trying to coax the Centipede into a better position so I could fight him more easily.  The most important part I found out about him, is if you fight up close, go for his left leg.  He occasionally does a stomping attack, which is the only thing that can hit you there, and he always stomps first with his right leg, giving you ample time to dodge before the left one comes down on you (as long as you’re paying attention and don’t continue to attack after he raises his right leg anyway).  I also had to switch back to my magic reinforced shield, as his fire resistance (or immunity) made my spider shield pretty worthless.

A lot of running followed.  I charged through the lava, avoiding everything I could, and even managed to find a path that doesn’t draw any aggro from the bounding demons.  I also sprinted past all the statues to follow, and made a short detour to pick up the red titanite slab for my spider shield, then continued on to confront Kirk for the third time.  We had it out in the middle of every enemy in the area, and I had to constantly draw the battle all over the place as everything followed us.  He ultimately fell after another unblocking brawl, and I became one shield richer.

I then finished up with the Bed of Chaos since I was in the area, as it definitely wasn’t the primary reason for having chosen that path first.  There wasn’t really any threat from her; I knew where all the pitfalls were, and with a small god’s amount of hitpoints, there was nothing she could do to me.  One Lord Soul down, three to go.  I’m still thinking of who will be next, because now I can cause some real damage, and Gwyn is getting ever closer.


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